Silage Making

We can offer either full or part operations for forage conservation, and pride ourselves in taking the time to ensure that the end result is high quality forage. Scientific studies show that grass & maize ensiled efficiently and consolidated effectively will result in a higher quality, nutritious forage. We can also offer advice on silage making procedures, additive use and techniques in order to improve an existing system, if required.

Cultivation & Drilling

Cultivation and land preperation includes the following:

  • Ploughing
  • Sub Soiling

Drilling operations include:

  • Conventional Drilling
  • Precision drilling of maize

Please contact us to find our range of arable services, cultivations and drilling


Most solid fertilizing undertaken. Normal 18 metre and 24 metre tramlines carrid out.


All grassland and arable spraying undertaken.


Large round and small conventional squares.


All combinable crops from Oil Seed Rape to Linseed undertaken.

Muck Spreading

Both solid and slurry undertaken.

  • Bunning rear dsicharged spreader
  • West side discharged spreader
  • With 10 tonne speaders.

Maize Silage

Video Here

Autumn Cultivation & Drilling

Bringing the farming year full circle for winter crops.

Contract & Share Farming

We would welcome opportunities from interested landowners and farmers who may be looking at alternative methods of farming their land without giving up their ownership.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss and explore contract and or share farming.